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Do you have clearance service for any shipment if sent to destination's airport?

Faris Cargo is not responsible for custom clearance at any airport If the shipment is sent to airport and customer must go to airport and clear by him/her self from airport.

What if something missing in my shipment?

Before you receive your shipment please check all your shipped stuff, We are not responsible for any lost after received by consignee person.

Can I place any valuable in my shipment?

Not to place valuable in your shipment such as watches, digital cameras, Mobile phones, cash and gold.

Can i place gas cylinder or zamzam water in my shipment?

stuff such as gas cylinder and zamzam water are not allowed in the shipments.

What if my shipment lost?

In case of lost shipment the company will pay 10 riyals per kg to customer.

What if my given information is wrong?

the agency is not responsible for the information such e.g misspelled name/address and wrong contact numbers provided by sender during booking shipment.

Note: penalty may apply for correction.

What if my shipment not deliver on time?

Sometimes it happens and the common reason is customs so the agency will not responsible for delaying the goods if it is stuck for some reason in customs with government.

What If there's any damage in my shipment?

The agency is not responsible for any damage of glass made items, furniture, electronics and other breakable stuff in the shipment.

so make sure to do packing by our packing professionals to avoid any damage and maximize your safety.

My shipment is already delayed and I am not able to contact the company so what should i do?

sometimes it’s possible that shipments to get delay so If you didn’t receive your shipment on time then please get in-touch with our office from which the shipment is booked.

The agency will not responsible for the loss of shipment in the event that 3 months have passed without informing the us.

What if yours delivery person ask for cash during delivery of shipment?

Our partners and their staff are well behaved and well trained for service giving but if still any of our delivery person ask you for any cash so immediately contact us otherwise we will not be responsible for any cash which is paid to the delivery person  by you/behalf. 

there's missing in my shipment. what should i do?

During booking shipment make sure that you mention all your belongs in the bill otherwise we will not be responsible for the items which is not mentioned in the bill.

Can i complain after receiving shipment?

Consignee must check their shipment in front of our delivery person otherwise agency will not accept any complaint.

during receiving your shipment make sure everything is perfect, if not so mention all lost things before you sign on delivery paper


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